The initiatives taken are based on effective administration that will focus on realizing BPKB’s Mission and Vision for youths to boost their potent and efficient skill level. Exposure to technology in increasing the quality of service is a measure that is always taken by BPKB. Using internet as an information channel to reach users more swiftly and effectively, hopefully it shows clearly the department’s role in upgrading its skill standards.

This site offers fundamental information that can be seized not only by youths and KBS’ clients, it also acts as an informative communication channel for the public. The transformation and assimilation of this new technology into our everyday norm system requires a high amount of commitment from all parties as it involves a comprehensive process. Indirectly, it involves human resource development as a main component besides updating a process to achieve the targeted results through the change in work practice.

The commitment shown by the staff in this department in producing this website needs to be commended from each stage including data collection to website work groups. BPKB has taken an approach that enables all latest information from our database in all operation centres to be collected from all parties including ILKBS/IKTBN/AKBG. Hence, the updating of new information (through the homepage) can be done swiftly without much difficulties.


Director - General

Bahagian Pembangunan Kemahiran Belia

Dr. Hajah Wasitah Binti Haji Mohd Yusof