Previously known as the Skills Bureau under the Youth Development Division, the reshuffling of the Ministry of Youth and Sports saw the upgrade of this subdivision to Youth Skills Development Division (BPKB). Since 2001, the Division Director was placed under the authority of the Deputy Chief Secretary (Operations).

The reshuffling of BPKB was required due to the increase of planning and regulation of skill training programs through new approaches such as:

• All institutes were united under the ILKBS banner.
• ILKBS was further branched to IKBN, IKTBN and AKBG.
• Full time training courses at IKTBN/IKBN Model Development Courses for youths (leadership, entrepreneurship, discipline)
• Short term Skills Courses which are customised for youths
• Skills Courses at private institutions (sponsored programs)


Youth Skills Development Division (BPKB) offers practical, hands-on training preparing youth with the requisite skills to join the workforce upon graduation.

To build a generation with integrity besides competent and skilled to supplement the country’s development


To produce skilled, disciplined, visionary and exceptional youths as the workforce needed in line with the development of the country