Youth Skill Development Division

Ministry of Youth and Sports Training Institution




  1. Malaysian nationality
  2. Able to read and write
  3. Aged 18 - 30 during application and has at least completed Form 5
  4. Single @ unmarried
  5. Healthy
  6. No criminal record or drug abuse
  7. Have never been trained in any public/private skills institute (EXCEPT candidates with Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) & Energy Commission Certificate (ST) intendeing to further studies)
  8. Committed and prepared to complete training provided and required to follow all rules & regulations.
  9. Applicants undergoing training at any training institutes and have not completed/received SKM certificate level 2/3 or 3/4 are not allowed to apply for the next level
  10. Applicants previously ejected/withdrawn from undergoing training at any public training institutes are not allowed to apply.


  1. All courses offered are administered according to the certification, level and duration as mentioned in the CERTIFICATION & LEVEL and COURSE DURATION column
  2. Only applications done online will be considered through or
  3. Any errors or discrepancies done while filling the academic qualification results during the online application may result in applicant being discharged from ILKBS.
  4. Application results can be viewed at or
  5. Accommodation and food expenses are borned by the Ministry of Youth & Sport throughout the whole duration of training.
  6. Applications without receiving reply after 3 months from review date are considered unsuccessful
  7. Students may be placed at any ILKBS around Malaysia
  8. Applicants are encouraged to visit any ILKBS during the advertisement period to gain fundamental exposure on the skills programs offered at each ILKBS
  9. Applicants found out to have submitted false particulars can be discharged from ILKBS

The Ministry reserves the rights to call and consider high-school graduate (completed Form 5) applicants to be interviewed. Course duration specified in the intake advert includes industrial training period for certain courses.