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Information Technology

The IT Course prepares youths for a career in the IT industry.


Courses Offered IKBN Code IKBN List
  • Advanced Certificate in Information Technology (Multimedia Design and Development)

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  • Advanced Certificate in Information Technology (Computer Networking)

    i. Course Description:

    This course was developed through the NOSS standards of Department of Skills Development, Human Resource Ministry and given a code of IT-070-3 Multimedia Design - Development. Students will be trained to master various graphic, animation, audio and video related softwares. Furthermore, students will be trained with techniques in using DSLR camera, professional video cameras and tools relating to multimedia production. Among the multimedia products are video clips, graphic design, portraitures, 2D animation and others. Students will also be exposed to magazine & book cover production techniques as well as pamphlet, bunting and banner designs. As part of their training, students will be required to work individually and in a group to make quality multimedia products.

    ii. Career Prospects:

    Creative Arts Industry: DSLR cameraman, video cameraman, sound engineer, graphic designer, video designer, animator Public Sector: Assistant vocational training officers

  • Certificate in Information Technology (Video Production)

    i. Course Description:

    Through NOSS Computer Network Technician IT-030-3 and Assistant Computer Network Technician IT-030-2, students will be trained in line with the development in the latest technology covering system design and computer networking in various operations such as businesses, telecommunications, and image processing. Students will also be exposed to skills in network system wiring, network system configuration as well as network management from different aspects such as safety, topology usage and network development drawing plans. Besides that, they will also be exposed to server system operations based on Windows Server, Unix and Linux platforms. They will also be taught to identify and repair any problems besides maintenance of of network system

    ii. Career Prospects:

    Students are able to explore opportunities such as computer system technicians, assistant computer system technicians, computer system executives, teachers or tutors, IT support assistant, IT support, web administrators, customer service representatives and IT specialists besides jobs in the public sector such as assistant IT officers and assistant vocational training officers.

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