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Jumaat, 09 March 2018 00:11


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SEPANG, 07 MARCH 2018 – A ‘ Who Wants to be a Ringgitnaire’ Competition 1/2018 was held in Lecture room in Department of Polymer (JML) on 06 March 2018 from 8.30am to 4.30pm. The purpose of the competition is to help students to improve their English language where they able to use their basic communication skills, develop their listening skills and make them more self-reliant while participating in this competition.


Besides that, this competition did test student’s general knowledge and help other students to learn new information.

Total 14 students took part in this competition. They were from DMK 04 Sem. 01. Mr Muhammad Hamdan B Abdullah Hazam, Mr Husli Asna Bin Hamzah, Mr Eddly Supadli and Mr Muhamad Aripin Bin Toyib help me to assist the competition. There are three levels of the competition. participants who able to answer first level of five questions able to go second level and continue until third level. There were two life line given to the students which are phone a friend (Only Department of General Studies Teachers) and ask the audience. Each participant was allocated 60 seconds to answer a question. Student who was able to complete the highest level chosen as the winner. He is Muhammad Safuan.



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Thinakaran Narayanan
Department of Polymer

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