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Isnin, 29 October 2018 15:04


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SEPANG, 29 OCTOBER 2018 – The final audit of Best English Corner Competition was held at each English Corner in IKTBN Sepang from 25 October 2018 until 26 October 2018 by Mr. Ramli Bin Mahmood, Mr. Muhammad Hamdan B Abdullah Hazam, Mr. Mohamad Ali Bin Ahamed, Mdm. Lydia Bt Sahrin, and Mr. Mohamed Syahrani Bin Mat Nor.


The audit was based on the English Corner Criteria scoresheet which includes the elements of the conducive of the environment, the reading materials prepared, the record of the visit by students and staff as well as the extra initiatives taken. The average result of all three audits shows that JPKKP scored the highest percentage which was 95.8, followed by JMM (91.6%), JMS (77.00%), Admin/HEP (76.8%), JTE (75.6%), JMP (75.0%), and the lowest percentage was 62.1 from JML. Overall it is clearly known that JPKKP and JMM has maintained their English corner very well.

Other than that, JTE showed some improvement at their English Corner with many attractive activities. Some department could not maintain well their English corners because of the renovation at their department. Hopefully next year they will do improvement on their English corner and encourage students to use English in their daily life activities.


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Vijaya A/P Sengodan
Department of General Studies

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