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Khamis, 11 July 2019 10:27


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On the 9th of July, 2019, IKBN Kinarut has invited the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia (MCMC) to give a talk on “Internet Pornography: Awareness and Prevention”. The talkwhich was presented by the Assistant Director ofMCMC Sabah Regional Office, PuanFauziente Abdul Rahman is focusing on the danger of unsupervised and uncensored surfing of the internet, and the roles of MCMC in making sure safe internet surfing environment.


Apart from addressing pornography on the internet, the speaker also touched on the concerning issue of online Child Grooming and Sexting. Online Child Grooming is when an adult builds an emotional connection with a minor to gain their trust for the purposes of sexual abuse, sexual exploitation or trafficking. While, sexting is the sharing of nude or sexually suggestive photos or text messages by electronic means. These issues are pressing and need to be addressed urgently especially to create awareness for teens and young adultsuch as IKBN Kinarut students who are in the age where their curiosity and sexual exploration are on its peak.


The two hours talk was filled with interactive multimedia such as videos and GIFs. The talk was later followed by Question and Answer session which received active participation from the 282 students. Token of Appreciation to the speaker was presented by the Deputy Director of Skills and Training of IKBN Kinarut, Mr. Ahmad Rithauddin Bin Ibrahim. This Visiting Lecturer Programme is endorsed by the Students Affair Department as a part of the English Empowerment Initiatives (EEI) and organized by the English Club.