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Jumaat, 01 November 2019 09:10

Explorace’19 by IKTBNT English Club

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23 October 2019- With the spirit of TVET Sport Carnival West Pahang, IKTBN Temerloh’s English Club had organized an exciting program called Explorace’19 for the students. The Explorace’19 objective is to encourage the participants whish are the students to communicate in English along the session.

There are 10 checkpoints have been set up by the organizer that need to be passed by the participants’ teams. The winner has to pass all the checkpoints which consists of fun and challenging games related to English theme. To be the winner, each team have to plan and strategize to find the best way to finish or conquer all the tasks at each checkpoints. Each of the checkpoint had their own different challenges for such as Spicy Dicey Ramen, Charade, Draw and Pass and Pouring Master. Total of 9 teams represented by each programme in IKTBN Temerloh had participated the Explorace’19

Overall it is a fun and challenging activities which incorporate the usage of English language in it. Thus expose to the students of IKTBN Temerloh to boost their confidents and communicate in English Language not just specific in English classes.

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