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Jumaat, 24 January 2020 16:00


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KINARUT ; The English Club organised the first Scrabble Competition of this year on the 23rd of January 2020. The objectives of this competition are to enhance students’ vocabulary in English language, to improve spelling skill and to provide a platform for learning in a fun and enjoyable manner.


The scrabble competition used the Official Scrabble Rules and the agreed word checker website was Individual based format was used in this competition. Player with the highest cumulative scores will be the winner.


Eight students participated in the competition to hold the honour of best word master in IKBN Kinarut.Two boards were used. Each board consists of four players. In the end, Karlo from PE(PW2) P34 won the game with 148 score, followed by Nicholas from PPS P33 with 131 score, and Loez Roman from PE(PW2) P34 with 121 score. We hope to see more student’s participation next time.