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Jumaat, 07 February 2020 14:42


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KINARUT ; The English Club had the honour of sitting with the director of IKBN Kinarut to an interview session on the 4th of February 2020. The interview were attended by twelve members of the English Club including the six new members.



The objectives of the interview are to improve the member's communication skill and to increase their self-confidence. At the same time the interview intended to be a platform for the members to knowthe director better and vice versa.


Ten questions were prepared by the interviewers, Jeavie and Benedict from the English Club ranging from work or professional related questions to fun trivia questions. The director had also shared a little bit about her life before the first question was asked, to break the ice since she said the members look tense and nervous.



From the interview the English Club members learnt that stress could be managed by exercising positive thinking and enjoying the work. To enjoy the work you must put your emotion in check and give yourself a break to do something that you love.



Apart from that the members learnt about the director’s strong work ethics and principles which are to have integrity, not delaying any work, ready to face any challenges and self-discipline. Surrounding yourself with good environment and attitude is important in building self-discipline, to move towards success.



At the end of the interview, English Club thank the director for her time and enthusiasm in sharing her valuable life experiences that have surely benefits everyone.

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