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Sabtu, 07 March 2020 09:56


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KINARUT, 6 MARCH 2020 ; Following the English Club interview session with the director of IKBN Kinarut is the interview session with the Deputy Director of Training Management of IKBN Kinarut, Mr Ahmad Rithaudin bin Ibrahim. The goals of this interview are to boost self-confidence and communication skills of the English Club members. The interview was conducted on 4th of March 2020 and attended by 11 members of the English Club, and the club’s advisor.


This time, Ana and Shafika from PJE(A1) semester 1 were scheduled to be the interviewers. They have prepared 10 questions ranging from work or IKBN related questions to fun trivia questions. The interview started with an introduction session where the English Club members introducing themselves and Mr Rithaudin reciprocate with a brief sharing about his professional and personal background. 


Apart from sharing about his previous work in the private sector and the responsibilities he humbly carried as the Deputy Director of Training Management, Mr Rithaudin have shared about the many challenges he had faced and still facing till today, and also the lessons he learnt from his past mistakes. At the end of the interview, Mr Rithaudin express his hope and aspiration for the English Club members and to all IKBN Kinarut students regarding the English language learning in this institute in light with the importance of the language in the working world specifically the private sector.


From the interview, the English Club members has learnt 2 key principles and values. First they’ve learnt that to be a leader you have to be a good and discipline person, to show a good example for your subordinates. By showing a good example you could be a role model to other staffs and to the students and finally will show a good image to the institute. Second, to be a successful person, weshould not be afraid of making mistakes because mistakes will make us stronger and more knowledgeable. Since we’re all human we’re not immune to making mistakes therefore we shouldn’t contemplate too much into thinking what we have done wrong instead look at the bright side. Every mistakes could teach us something new and important that we might not have realized if we haven’t stumble on it in the first place.


As a conclusion this interview session have bring a positive impact on each and every members of the English Club. The members have definitely gain a lot of priceless knowledge and experience without paying a cent.