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Isnin, 16 March 2020 15:51


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KINARUT ; On the March 13th, 2020, the IKBN Kinarut English Debate Competition was held at Dewan Limau-limauan. This is the second time an English Debate Competition was organized by the English Club as a part of the English Empowerment Initiatives in IKBN Kinarut.


The goal of this English Debate Competition is to improve student’s technical skill in debating, to enhance English communication skills and to boost their self-confidence. It is also to prepare the English debaters for ILKBS debate competition in the future.


The debate competition adapts the Asian Parliamentary style. The motion of the debate was “that the Teaching and Learning of Technical Subjects in ILKBS Should Be Conducted in English”. The Affirmative or the Government team consists of Loez, Jeavie, and Calvin. While the Negative or the Opposition team consists of Nicholas, Aaron Peace, and Aqmal Daniel. The Speaker of the House was Karlo and the Timekeeper was Hafiz from the English Club.


Around a hundred semester 1 students had come to watch the grand final of the debate competition that was held at 8.30 PM at Limau-Limauan Hall. Continuing last year’s initiative, this year too, the debate competition was live streamed via the English Club Instagram, and had been streamed by more than fifty users.


The competition for this year showed a tight match between the two teams. But eventually the adjudicators has come to a conclusion to side with the Opposition Team.While the arguments deliveries from both teams were on par, the Opposition Team has better rebuttals to most of the Government Team’s points of arguments.


The closing ceremony of the program was officiated by the Deputy Director of Student’s Affairs IKBN Kinarut, Mr Himran Bin Entoh. During his speech he mentioned some areas that need to be improved specifically in term of creating the content of arguments. He mentioned that the debaters should learn to use better and more reliable references, facts, and data when it comes to coming up with solid arguments and rebuttals. At the end of the event, Mr Himran also had presented the certificates of participations to all debaters and Certificates of appreciation to the English Club committee members.